This project aims to help EU public administrations take a leadership role in IPv6 deployment, and to enable uniform adoption of IPv6 in public administrations across the EU28.

To achieve this, the project will create a common framework for European public administrations to establish an IPv6 addressing plan, procure an IPv6 address space, and to prepare and implement a transition plan within their organisations.

The project is being delivered by a consortium of firms: Plum Consulting, iDate, Internet Policy Advisors, Synetergy and Erion. Further details on the project and team can be found on the About page.

As part of the project, the team is organising and managing a series of knowledge transfer workshops for those interested in and responsible for IPv6 implementation within public administration.

Those wishing to attend are invited to register for forthcoming workshops here – there is no charge for attending. Information and documents from previously held workshops can be accessed here.